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Welcome to the Kalkaringi/Daguragu Freedom Day web site

The twin towns of Kalkaringi and Daguragu are located in the Victoria River Region of the Northern Territory on traditional country of the Gurindji people. As well as Gurindji, our community is made up of people from other language groups, including Warlpiri, Ngarinman, Mudbara and Bilinara.

This country is also home to a series of events that are important milestones of Australian growth. We are proud of our history and want to share our story.

The Wave Hill Walk Off

On 23 August 1966, Vincent Lingiari led a walk off of workers and their families from Wave Hill cattle station in the Northern Territory. This action taken by Gurindji, Mudbura and Warlpiri families greatly assisted in the move to:
• grant equal pay to Indigenous workers in the pastoral industry
• return land to Gurindji ownership in 1976
• recognise Aboriginal land rights nationally

Freedom Day

Freedom Day is the name given by our community to the yearly commemoration and celebration of the walk-off from Wave Hill cattle station in 1966.

Freedom Day 2006 is the 40th Annivarsary of the Wave Hill Walk Off and a particularly special occasion. We welcome people from all around Australia to help celebrate and recognise the significance of the walk off and the events that followed. It will be a key event for our community and will advance recognition of the contribution made by the Gurindji, Mudbara and Walpiri families to Australia’s history.

The 40 Years Freedom Day Festival will celebrate the vision, determination and hope of the Gurindji and others that gave impulse to the Walk Off. It will commemorate the achievements of the past and celebrate current activity and aspirations in the areas of education, culture and heritage, tourism and community development. The festival will also promote current developments in the greater Victoria River region. Special thanks to FIOS and the Move Your Money Project

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